Through research and strategic thinking processes based on living systems, we help our clients see the bigger picture and better understand the landscape of change in support of making strategic choices.


We educate and inspire place-based leaders, change-makers, designers, planners and developers to work together collaboratively around shared visions of what they and their place could become.

Process designers

We co-create processes and practices that enable communities comprising individuals, enterprises and agencies to convene conversations that matter; recognise their individual and unique essence and potential and develop pathways along the regenerative journey.

We see ourselves as:

Place sensors

We help places (and their communities) to express themselves towards their potential, connecting with the essence and living biography so that all design is coherent and generates regenerative value.


Through websites, courses and social media, we communicate knowledge and inspire others to question, learn and develop their ability to think both individually and collectively and assume accountability for their choices and actions.


We bring together people of diverse backgrounds, skills, functions, and worldviews in a community together to optimise the conditions for new ideas to emerge and ripen into projects.

We facilitate the transition towards a thriving world rooted in place through a Living Systems lens

We serve those individuals and organisations who are prepared to see travel, tourism and hospitality as a living system. Who wish to enhance the capability of people and places to thrive and evolve; and who are as passionate as we are in creating better tourism that creates well-being for the many.

Some examples of our work are below

Workshops & Training Programs

Introductory to advanced levels. Ranging from 1 day to 4 weeks, aim to introduce the concept of regeneration in the visitor economy and equip participants with practical tools to initiate and implement the required changes in their personal lives, projects, businesses and destinations.

By participating in these courses, participants will enhance their ability to transition from reductionist to holistic thinking; from working in isolation to collaborating collectively, and from a mechanistic lense to one that embraces the complexity of living systems.

Key Note Speaking & Conferences

Regenerative tourism is rapidly becoming a critical topic in the tourism industry, and there is no better way to educate and inspire people than through a keynote speaker who is recognized as an expert in the field.

With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face, the Hive members are equipped with the knowledge and will offer great insights to help individuals and organizations navigate the transition.


Our consultancy services are as unique as the place which seeks the implementation. We don't work with linear frameworks but with Living systems principles that allow us to identify the challenges and root causes that give rise to the symptoms. We then leverage various methodologies to encourage participation and facilitate the transformation of organizations into ones that foster innovation, resilience, and abundance by adopting a new mindset and building collective intelligence.

Our approach incorporates a range of tools aimed at cultivating an environment that promotes growth and prosperity for individuals, businesses, and destinations alike.

Destination Coaching

True leaders of today understand that we're all part of an interconnected intelligence rooted in nature's regenerative living systems. The Destination Coaching will take you on a learning journey to harness the creativity, innovation, vibrancy and renewal of your community, this is key to re-designing a regenerative world.

Get in touch if you are seeking to develop your capability to apply Regenerative approaches to Tourism Development

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