“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking" Albert Einstein


gold and black leather textile
gold and black leather textile

From machines to Living Systems

tree trunk with green leaves
tree trunk with green leaves

As separate parts of a dead machine

As integral elements of a Living System

We believe existing efforts to modify the way tourism is conducted are insufficient as they fail to acknowledge the need to change the assumptions, values and beliefs on which it is based.

As thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller and Gregory Bateson have stated, we must change our patterns of thinking first in order to open up space for fresh ideas and release the creative potential that exists within all of us.

We also believe that the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors can act as positive change agents in communities provided it widens its horizons from generating merely financial returns for a few, to contributing to the social, cultural, and biophysical welfare of the many.

Through deep collaboration with stakeholders, our purpose is to transform the approach to tourism and place development so that communities and places flourish with tourism in their own unique way


Practice as a form of becoming

Our role is to overcome the systems that no longer serve us, bring new knowledge and practice to life.

Principles, not policies

We articulate principles, rather than advocating specific policies, which differ in every country and context.

Tools for the movement

We create tools for incorporating into the work of like-minded organizations, leveraging our collective strength, skills and effort.


We enable people of diverse roles, perspectives and experiences to connect and enjoy meaningful encounters that enable fresh ideas to emerge.

Ecological Worldview

We learn from indigenous and western scientific ways of knowing, being and doing as well as those locally sourced at our places